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VENDOR - Strata Title Report

Go in with your eyes wide open

Why do I need a Strata Title Report?

When selling a property, knowledge is power. BeSafe Strata Reports provide vendors with a comprehensive understanding of their strata plan, revealing the true state of the home or investment property. Empower yourself as a vendor with insights that not only attract potential buyers but also facilitate a transparent and smooth transaction!

BeSafe Strata Reports may include: 

  • Building’s Current Value: Know where you stand and price your property competitively.
  • Proposed Special Levies: Transparency about potential future expenses empowers buyers to plan ahead. (additional contributions outside your quarterly levies that may raise for building defects or major works)
  • Safety and Compliance: Assurances on fire safety, work health & safety, and asbestos management build trust and peace of mind.
  • Fund Health: Detailed analysis of the sinking and administrative funds, including any deficits, allows for clear financial discussions. —if available 
  • Sinking Fund Forecast: A glimpse into the next 10-15 years of potential maintenance costs offers valuable insights for both you and buyers.
  • Legal Matters: Full disclosure of current and past legal issues in the last 4 years to build trust and avoid future complexities.

When will my report be ready?

Receive your comprehensive report within 48-72 hours after providing the necessary documentation. No waiting, no delays, just actionable insights delivered straight to your inbox.

Why choose Besafe?

Apart from complete peace of mind and safety, here are a few more reasons.

Buy and download an existing inspection report

With an industry-leading team equipped with the latest technology, we promise a seamless inspection process and a final report that is thorough, comprehensive and complete.

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