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SOLICITOR - Building Stages Inspection

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Why do they need a Building Stages Inspection?

When building a new home, your client needs to be aware of anything that could cause problems further down the track. After all, once the build is complete, it’s usually too hard and costly to go back and redo anything.

During the inspections, we may detect:

  • Substandard work
  • Part of the building left incomplete
  • Issues related to timber pests
  • Structural and non-structural faults

There are certain specifications for each of the six Stage Building Inspections:

  • Foundation Stage Inspection: Conducted before slab pouring.
  • Frame Stage Inspection: After the completion of the frame, but before starting the internal-wall linings.
  • Waterproofing/Lockup Stage: When external doors and windows are in, waterproofing and flashing are complete, and the property can be locked. 
  • Pre-Painting/Fixing Stage: Upon completion of construction, before painting.
  • Practical Completion/Handover Stage: When the building and final cleaning process is over.
  • Warranty Inspection: Within one year of the completion of the building, this inspection looks for non-structural flaws. This must be done to be eligible for a home insurance warranty.

When will my client’s report be ready?

Post-inspection, it will take 24 to 48 hours to finalise their detailed report, including accompanying photos of any problem areas on the property.

Why choose Besafe?

Apart from complete peace of mind and safety, here are a few more reasons.

Buy and download an existing inspection report

With an industry-leading team equipped with the latest technology, we promise a seamless inspection process and a final report that is thorough, comprehensive and complete.

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