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PURCHASER - Strata Report

Ensuring you make a wise decision

Why do I need a Strata Report?

Purchasing a strata-titled, community-titled, or company-titled property comes with shared responsibilities for the entire complex. A strata report, also known as a pre-purchase strata inspection report, is a detailed document that provides prospective buyers with important information about a strata-titled property before making a purchase.

At BeSafe, we understand the significance of this commitment, and that’s why we offer comprehensive Strata Reports to empower potential buyers like you. Our detailed reports are designed to unveil any underlying strata issues, ensuring you make a wise and informed decision when investing in your future property.

Our BeSafe Strata Reports may include

Property Details

  • Name of the current owner
  • Current value of building
  • Voting rights and your unit entitlement

Comprehensive financial picture

  • Quarterly levies amount
  • Current or proposed Special Levies (additional contributions outside quarterly levies which may rise for building defects or major works)
  • The Sinking Fund Forecast (10-15 years), if available
  • Amount in Sinking Fund and Administrative Fund, and if any funds are in deficit

Safety and Compliance

  • Whether the Strata Scheme complies with Fire Requirements, Work Health & Safety Obligations and Asbestos Management

Legal Matters

  • Current legal matters and any legal issues in the last 4 years

When will my report be ready?

Our qualified inspectors bring extensive knowledge and a keen eye for detail to every assessment. Within 48-72 hours of your inspection, you’ll receive a meticulously crafted report, complete with explanatory photos highlighting any areas of concern.

Why choose Besafe?

Apart from complete peace of mind and safety, here are a few more reasons.

Buy and download an existing inspection report

With an industry-leading team equipped with the latest technology, we promise a seamless inspection process and a final report that is thorough, comprehensive and complete.

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