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Before the initiation of any legal proceedings, it is essential to obtain expert reports prepared by a recognised professional for the purposes of informing a court about a particular matter.

Report Types

Building Expert Witness Reports For Ncat

When a dispute with a builder can’t be rectified, it goes to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). We assist with our comprehensive findings that can be used as evidence in a hearing.

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Scott Schedule Report For Ncat

This is a document required by the NCAT or NSW District & Supreme Court system that outlines the Applicants’ and Respondents’ evidence with cost estimates for labour and material regarding building defects, incomplete works or variations to the building contract

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Building Opinion Report

Does your property have a significant defect and need an independent opinion and a possible solution? Save time and money with a report prepared by a highly qualified, independent building and design expert.

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Dilapidation Reports

Embarking on construction work at your property is an exciting venture, but it comes with responsibilities. To proactively mitigate potential disputes and safeguard your interests, consider the importance of a Dilapidation Report. This essential report serves as a preemptive measure, preventing costly conflicts with neighbours who might claim damages resulting from the construction work on your property.


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Expert Structural Engineering Reports (Litigation)

The structural engineer inspects and records any structural defects and assesses if the building is structurally sound. A structural engineering report is then prepared, providing advice as to the cause of the problem and making recommendations for repairs.

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Structural Opinion Reports

Structural opinion reports will identify the root cause of damage that is found so that the court can consider an expert’s opinion as part of the evidence presented.

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Reports By A Registered Structural Engineer

Often there’s a need for a registered structural engineer to inspect and produce a report that shows any signs of cracks in the walls, sagging in the ceiling, uneven floors of doors and windows not closing.

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Dilapidation Reports By A Structural Engineer

Our Dilapidation Reports, conducted by experienced Structural Engineers, go beyond standard assessments. These reports are meticulously crafted to document the existing condition of a property before the initiation of construction on an adjacent building. This documentation is invaluable in the event of disputes, providing clarity and transparency.

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Forensic Structural Investigation

This involves an experienced civil and structural engineer accurately finding and reporting the main cause(s) of damage to a building and structures. This involves an experienced civil and structural engineer accurately finding and reporting the main cause(s) of damage to a building and structures.

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Class 2 Buildings Remedial Structural Engineering Solutions (Designers & Building Practitioners Act 2020 no. 7)

This act introduces new obligations for professionals working on Class 2 buildings. This requires careful consideration of the liability and risk implications of DBP Act when negotiating contracts and services.

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Structural Design And Documentation (New Dwellings)

This structural documentation (architectural drawings and documentation) looks at the design – the functionality, economy, durability and constructability of a new building.

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