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Why do I need a Dilapidation Report?

To prevent the stress and anxiety that can arise from adjoining development activities such as new buildings, roadworks, or alterations to existing retaining walls, a Dilapidation Report is an essential document.

Documenting your property’s state before any construction is essential. The report acts as a comprehensive record, identifying any potential cracking or damage before, during, and after the adjacent work is completed.

Should damages occur, the Dilapidation Report becomes a necessary document when submitting a claim. It provides a clear account of your property’s initial condition, aiding in a smoother claims process.

When will my report be ready?

Post-inspection, our committed team at BeSafe guarantees the delivery of your detailed report within 24 to 48 hours. Our inspectors will provide an email containing your comprehensive report, complete with accompanying photos of any identified areas of concern. This quick turnaround reflects our dedication to providing you with timely insights for a seamless construction journey.

Why choose Besafe?

Apart from complete peace of mind and safety, here are a few more reasons.

Buy and download an existing inspection report

With an industry-leading team equipped with the latest technology, we promise a seamless inspection process and a final report that is thorough, comprehensive and complete.

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